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Being adept at what we do, we do not shy away from challenges and take great satisfaction in solving problems for our clients. Any non-typical or complicated financing conundrum gets my blood pumping and my creative juices flowing.  Here are a few examples of how we were able to overcome a challenge for a client: 

Too Much Dirt

One of my clients, Betty, needed a reverse mortgage to allow her to remain in her home. Her problem was that the property acreage was too large to qualify. I recommended to divide the lot by subdividing it into two parcels and I took her through the process of working with the county and the surveyor to get this done. In the end, she was able to refinance and eliminate her monthly mortgage payment completely.

Reluctant Attorneys

Another client, Shannon, owned a home which she retained after her move. The home was refinanced as a TX homestead cash-out loan while it was still her primary residence. Once she moved, it became her second home, with the homestead TX cash-out still in place. When the rates fell, she wanted to refinance her loan balance to save on her monthly payment. The title attorneys had different opinions about whether this property was eligible for a loan, since it was now a hybrid – not a primary residence any more, but having a TX homestead cash-out loan attached to it. With my law background, I was able to discuss this with attorneys at various title companies until I found one that was willing to dig deep to determine how to insure title in this situation and allow us to proceed with the refinance. Shannon saved on her mortgage because I did not take no for an answer when the initial reaction of the title attorneys was not to consider this property for title insurance.

Pay And Save

Anthony did not qualify for a refinance due to a large monthly child support payment. After conferring with an attorney with the Attorney General’s office we determined that the child support obligation could be eliminated by amending the Divorce Decree by adding an owelty lien for a lump sum payment to be paid out of the proceeds of a refinance. Not only was Anthony able to lower his interest rate, he also eliminated his large monthly child support payment.

Fresh Start

You may be one of the many hard-working people who lost their homes, or were forced into bankruptcy due to a layoff or reduced income.   If you have rebuilt your credit and are able to demonstrate your ability to repay, our Fresh Start program may be a lending solution for you, even if you have been unable to obtain mortgage financing before, due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, mortgage charge-off or a short sale.

If your loan does not fit in the box, call us at (512) 916-9955!  We will do our best to find a solution.

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